The Heroes During The Hardship

Literacy Leaders

Our literacy leaders post normally recognizes an individual – sometimes a teacher, sometimes a non-profit leader or influencer. But we are in extraordinary times right now. As a result, we’ve had the privilege to work along-side some pretty amazing leaders in Cincinnati that are tirelessly working to solve the care and educational challenges in the current reality.

We’ve been able to witness first-hand, local non-profit leaders in the childcare and education space collaborate and mobilize to solve problems, with their goal focused on feeding, caring for and educating all of the children and families that are suffering increased hardship from this pandemic. We’ve been nothing but impressed with the willingness to collaborate, solve hard problems and work together to help those most in need.

We salute them and admire their work, commitment and dedication greatly. You are our HEROES. Thank you for your leadership!


Our Literacy Leaders

Allison Parson

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Amy Cheney

Crayons to Computers

Amy King

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Angela Farwig


Beth Yoke

Cincinnati Public Library

Bianca Edwards

CPP board

Brittnii Pina

Cincinnati Preschool Promise

Carley Riley

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Carolyn Brinkman

The Children’s Home

Casey Ruschman

Scripps Howard Foundation

Chara Fisher Jackson

Cincinnati Preschool Promise

Connie Stewart

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

David Siders

Cincinnati Public Library

Eric Rademacher


Erin Saul

Joining Forces for Children

Flo Malone

Cincinnati Preschool Promise

Greg Landsman

Cincinnati Councilman & Chair of Child & Family Council

Heather Gerker


Jennifer Zimmerman


John Allbrittin

City Gospel Mission

John Hutton

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Jorge Perez 


Judy Leonard 


Judy VanGinkel


Kevin Kushman

Blue Manatee Literacy Project

Kim Ginn

4C for Children

Kristin Copeland

Children’s Hospital/All Children Thrive Network

Laura Mitchell

Cincinnati Public Schools

Leshia Lyman

Success by Six/United Way of Greater Cincinnati

Leslie Maloney


Libby Hunter


Margaret Clark


Michelle Guenther

Literacy Network

Mona Mansour

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Pamela Coyle-Toerner

TriHealth Early Learning City

Patti Gleason

Learning Grove

Renee Daniel


Rob Kahn

Children’s Hospital/All Children Thrive Network

Ryan Adcock

Cradle Cincinnati

Shannon Starkey Taylor

Learning Grove 

Terri England

New Horizons Childcare and serves on CPP Board

Tom Dewitt

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, ROR, IL

Vanessa Freytag

4C for Children

Vera Brooks

Cincinnati Public Schools

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